Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Cursed Child Thoughts and Photoshoot

Well hello there! Did you forget I existed? Honestly, I would not even blame you. I admit, being MIA for well over six months makes me pretty much the worst blogger ever. However I do ask for your patience and understanding, because, well, this year has been pretty eventful for me and I have a hecktonne of schoolwork to do (guess who is getting really close to finishing school! Just over a year left *nervous laughter*), so my absence, unfortunately, may become a habit. However, you can keep up with my day-to-day activities via my twitter and instagram accounts (@lilypherondale on both) where I'm fairly active (I tweet a lot. A lot about Taylor Swift. If you have any interest in my music taste and love-hate relationship with physics, hit up my twitter).

But onto today's post, I'm sure you're aware that the new Harry Potter book (well, technically play, I guess) came out just under a month ago. I've been seeing some very, very mixed feelings, and honestly, I'm a little worried, I'll admit. Despite my worries, I of course bought the book and managed to take some pictures of it. I've not yet read it, but I will write up a review and hopefully post it sometime before 2021 (that's a joke...).

For now, have some of the photos I took of the book, along with a small range of my copious amounts of HP merch (and my face?!). I will write a little more about my thoughts and hopes for the book at the end!

So I have a few main hopes for this book. The first one is that the old characters we know and love will not be written true to their characters in the previous books. The second is that it doesn't read too much like fanfic and make me cringe to Hogsmeade and back... because some people have said that it has had that effect on them. The third, final, and perhaps most important, is that it is a cute, heartwarming next-gen story that fits nicely with the tone and theme of the other books and continues the story in a believable and enjoyable way. It will break my heart if this book reads like an attempt to kick-start Harry Potter fever again and make money, which is lowkey how it feels to me. I am already unhappy with the other new content JK has released (see my thoughts on THAT short story here) and so I'm just really hoping this makes up for it.

Anyways post your (spoiler free) thoughts in the comments! Let me know how TCC made you feel, because I'd love to know. If you want to keep in contact with me during my absence on MWAA, send me a tweet to @lilypherondale, an email to, or even a tumblr ask or message to sherlockcrumpets. I would love to chat!

As always have a wonderful day and I will see you sometime soon with another post.

Lily xo

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