Monday, 14 December 2015

Bookmas Day 1 — Dangerous Girls Recommendation

On the second day of Bookmas, the book blogger gave to me, a book rec for a mystery...

It's officially the first day of Bookmas! And as promised, here is my first post... a recommendation of
one of the best books I read during this year, a book called Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas.

Have you ever read a book that left you questioning your existence and sitting in a pool of your own tears and horror? That is what Dangerous Girls did to me. It is enthralling, mind-bending, incomprehensible and un-put-down-able. I started reading it just casually, and I didn't put it down again until I'd read the whole thing cover to cover. Then, I proceeded to reread the book, because I could not imagine reading anything else. I went through a brief Dangerous Girls-induced reading slump, because it was just so good, I couldn't read anything else.

Dangerous Girls is a psychological thriller/murder mystery, so now you probably understand why I love it so much. Except, believe me when I say, this is THE BEST psych thriller I have ever read, the best mystery I've ever read, and I'm deeply upset that I didn't write this book.

Dangerous Girls follows the journey of a group of friends who are spending their spring break in Aruba, enjoying an adult-free, responsibility-free, repercussions-free holiday. Our main character, Anna, is so happy with her life. She has an amazing best friend, Elise, and an amazing boyfriend, Tate. The three of them and a few other friends begin their holiday shopping, drinking, partying, relaxing at the beach. But then, Elise is found brutally murdered in their holiday house, and someone must pay for her death.

Whilst dealing with her best friend's death and the deterioration of her life and everything she ever knew, she is faced with vile accusations, and she and Tate are under suspicion for Elise's murder. Anna must now fight for her innocence in a foreign country, discover horrific and painful truths about friendship and love, and wait anxiously for the judge's decree.

The writing in this book is perfect for it. It is enthralling, and the way it is structured, with time jumps, TV and phone call show transcripts and more, makes this book impossible to put down. It's so messed up and intense, don't allow yourself to be fooled by the jovial start, the friendly banter of the group. This book gets progressively more twisted, until you find yourself wondering how these kids are even the same ones from the start.

The characters are all well rounded and developed, and they're all shown just a little bit guilty. It's easy to get lost in the story and the characters, to be hanging off every word and wondering who did it. I fell into the world and the pages dissolved in my fingers as I read, because I was so desperate to know, to get more of it.

This book is just so good, I don't think I can fully explain without spoilers, but everything about it is twisted and crazy and breathtaking. The best way for me to describe this book is that it's like not being able to exhale until you finish the book, because you just simply cannot breathe properly until you know.

I would highly, highly recommend this book, and I am so excited to read and review Dangerous Boys, the sequel, which I already own! This book would be perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver, and books like Cooper Bartholomew Is Dead and Beautiful Dead.

If you know of any good psych thrillers similar to Dangerous Girls, let me know, because they are my jam! This is exactly the sort of book I looooove. If you want to discuss this book, because let's be real it's so mental and upside-down you just need to talk about it, contact me and we can rant and discuss! As per usual, you can contact me via any of my socials if you want to recommend me a book, discuss a book, talk business things like ARCs, or just to say hi! And, of course, my email is always open —

I hope you have enjoyed the first day of Bookmas, and I'll see you tomorrow with another post!

Lily xo

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