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TV Shows That Are Definitely Worthwhile

Hey! So I spend 97% of my time on here discussing books, and so I should, because, well, it is a book blog. But we can't all be super-readers chewing through 500-page fantasy epics all the time, and so I thought today I'd write up a post about TV shows I've enjoyed over the past year and a bit, in between this post and my last TV shows post.

TV shows are a great way to just chill out after an exhausting day. I often watch a few episodes of something before I go to bed and read. So sit back, make some tea and hit up Netflix with these recommendations!

Parks And Recreation
Summary: Parks And Rec follows the life of the Parks and Recreation department of the small town Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope, the deputy head of the department, is an ambitious, fun loving energizer bunny, and the story starts with her promising to fix the giant hole behind a civilian's house. Mayhem and hilarity ensue as she tries to fix every problem for the town and gives her all to make Pawnee a better place.
No. of Seasons: The show finished earlier this year with seven seasons. The episodes are twenty minutes long.
Why It's Amazing: Parks And Recreation, which was made by the same people who made The Office, is hilarious. It's deadpan, it's funny, it's smart and the characters are so loveable. The whole show just makes me feel happy and bubbly, and it's just what you need after reading or watching something dark and heavy.
Star Rating: I couldn't not give this show five stars.

Pretty Little Liars
Summary: Pretty Little Liars follows the story of four girls whose best friend disappeared. The show starts off a year after her disappearance, when her body is finally found. However, after her funeral, the four friends who've now grown apart all receive a threatening message from the mysterious A. The friends slowly grow closer together as these messages quickly turn more menacing and into actions against the girls, their friends and their families. The show continues on following the major question every character and viewer has- who is A?
No. of Seasons: PLL is in the middle of it's sixth season, and there will be seven seasons in total. The episodes are forty minutes in length and there are normally twenty four episodes in total per season.
Why It's Amazing: PLL is the perfect mix of mystery and high school drama, both of which I love tremendously. The show always keeps you guessing and the frequent unexplained plot twists inspire a strong obsession with the show. The characters may not be the smartest girls ever (like seriously, if you think there's someone in your house, you don't yell out "who's there?" and alert them to exactly where you are!) but their friendship with each other is beautiful to watch. The show mightn't be the most intellectually written TV series ever, but it's certainly very entertaining and addictive.
Star Rating: Four stars.

Summary: In this modern adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous books, Sherlock Holmes is and arrogant, impersonal detective looking for a flatmate. John Watson is an army veteran with no job and PTSD. Naturally, the two begin living together, and John gets dragged into many of Sherlock's cases and weird experiments around the house. The two become the famous detective duo, facing the classic Holmes villains- Moriarty, Magnussen, the Hounds of the Baskervilles.
No. of Seasons: Three, and the episodes are an hour and a half long. There are three episodes per season (we don't talk about that, though). There is a Christmas special and another season coming out at the end of this year and the start of next year.
Why It's Amazing: I always talk about Sherlock on here, and rightly so, because it's truly an amazing show. The script writing in impeccable and the editing is superb. The acting is amazing and I love this show. I always loved the original Sherlock Holmes stories, and I feel like this show really does the original material justice.
Star Rating: Five stars.

Gossip Girl
Summary: Gossip Girl follows the lives of schoolkids living on Manhattan's Upper East Side. These kids have enormous amounts of wealth, and are terribly behaved. The show starts with the reappearance of Serena Van Der Woodsen, the elite "It Girl" who disappeared to boarding school unannounced after a year of extreme drama. The society is rocked by her reappearance as everyone, including Serena's ex-best friend Blair, deal with her mysterious disappearance and with her back in the social spotlight. The show goes on to follow the lives of these students, with all the drama and hilarity that you might imagine.
No. of Seasons: Six, with roughly twenty two episodes per season. The episodes are forty minutes in length.
Why It's Amazing: Don't judge me, friends, because I genuinely love this show. Sad, lonely rich kids are the way to my heart, no lie. Anyways, this show is completely enjoyable for me because I love the characters. I must admit that I have a special affinity for Blair, Chuck and Jenny, although I desperately care for (almost) all the main characters. The show isn't the most intellectual thing I've ever watched, but it sucks me in and I love it. The drama and storyline is addictive in the most undefinable way ever. Of course, my feelings for Chuck and Blair make it very easy to be addicted. The first episode is quite boring, but you really need to get through a few episodes, and then you get to the good stuff.
Star Rating: Four stars (but five for enjoyment factor).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Summary: Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the lives of an NYPD division. They're funny, deadpan, silly and just all round fantastic entertainment. In the style of Parks and Rec and The Office, this comedy is an all-round crowd-pleaser. The main character, Detective Jake Peralta, is a hilarious. He's childish and silly but also an incredibly good detective (when he's not setting things on fire or arresting people with no evidence). Despite having the best arrest record, Jake is constantly creating troubles for himself both inside and out of his job, but with the help of his competitive partner, Detective Amy Santiago, and the rest of his team at the 99th Precinct, he always manages to pull himself out — and catch the bad guy.
No. of Seasons: Two currently, though there is a new season coming out towards the end of September. The episodes are twenty minutes long, and there are roughly 20 per season, so there's plenty to watch!
Why It's Amazing: It's a solid hit of goofiness and hilarity. It's funny, heartwarming and a great show to whack on if you're not feeling like the drama of PLL or GG. Not only is it inventive and a fun crime show, it is first and foremost and comedy, and the writers do a fantastic job in making it hilarious.
Star Rating: Four stars, simply because sometimes, it lacks distinct plot and the more intelligent writing comedies like Parks have. But other than that, this show is a pure injection of happiness.

So those are my top five TV shows I've discovered. I'm sure my tastes in TV are fairly obvious now! I'm not a huge fan of epic dramas, mysterious and serious shows, despite being fond of those sorts of books. My idea of TV is something I can just chill out watching, with some snacks and a warm blanket.

I hope these recommendations are of some use to you! If there is a TV show you think I'll like, please let me know in the comments or via any of my socials (all above in the little banner). Also, if you'd like more posts like this, where I discuss shows, movies, maybe even music, let me know! I will totally be cool with catering to what you guys want to read!

As always, feel free to comment below, send and email to or send me a message to any of my socials if you want to ask questions, request a free copy of my book in exchange for a review, or just to say hi.

See you next week with another post!

Lily xoxo

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  1. Love Parks and Recreation. I'd add The Office and the Mindy Project to the list.