Sunday, 15 March 2015

Amy And Roger's Epic Detour Recommendation

Hey! So lately I've been addicted to finding-yourself-contemporaries. I picked Amy And Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson up in a book depository order back in January, and I finally got around to reading it. It was every bit as wonderful as the internet told me it would be.

For fans of Stephanie Perkins (Anna And The French Kiss) and Huntley Fitzpatrick (My Life Next Door), this book is one amazing love story/contemporary.

Amy Curry is mourning the loss of someone close. Roger is heartbroken and puzzled as to why his girlfriend broke up with him. So when Amy and Roger's mums decide Roger will drive Amy from California to Connecticut, where her new home is, they don't expect the epic journey that will ensue.

Both desperate to escape, they decide to take a small detour- and end up travelling all over America. But as the best discovery stories go, Amy and Roger don't find what they go looking for. They find something better.

This book was just amazing. I read it in two parts, one section of about eighty pages and then the rest of it all in one go. Once you start, you can't stop. There's no place you want to stop, no place when the need for sleep overpowers the need to continue reading. It's fun, cutesy, adorable, romantic and heartwarming.

The characters are all well developed and interesting and the travelling part of the book is just amazing. As someone who's never gone to America, it made me want to get on a plane, hire a car and just drive. It's so fun seeing the journey through Amy's eyes, and I loved the travel aspect.

Some of the cute excerpts and drawings in the book. Image
taken from here.
Another cool thing about this book was the drawings and images in the book. It's super-adorable seeing Roger's playlists and drawings and Amy's photos in between the story.

All in all, this book was adorable and perfect and just thoroughly enjoyable. It was heartfelt and cutesy and just all-round perfect. I highly, highly recommend it.

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