Monday, 16 June 2014

Best TV Shows Ever

Oh my goodness, it's been forever and I am very, very sorry, dear bookish friends! I have been so busy, but I will try very hard to post more often...

So this week, as a special treat, I decided I'd take a break from books, because, let's face it, some nights, we're exhausted and trying to read is like trying to catch smoke- you can see it, but you just can't grasp it. Even the best readers must find it hard to completely concentrate on a book when they're exhausted.

But yet you still want your daily dose of fiction! It's a calamity, really. But don't fret, young booklings, I am here with a few recommendations for the one way to solve this issue- television shows.

This will work in a similar way to how I do "what I've read" posts- a short synopsis, reasons why I love it and who I recommend it for. There are five TV shows to get through, so let's get started!

1. Sherlock (BBC)
Sherlock by the BBC is my favourite television show of all time. I am very much in the fandom, and I love it to the point of it probably not being healthy but anyways. I'm sure everyone has heard of Sherlock Holmes, and this show takes the original stories and throws them into the twenty-first century. A much ruder, colder and more sassy Sherlock runs into the path of John Watson, an ex-army doctor with a slight adrenaline addiction. Together, they solve Conan Doyle mysteries with 21st-century twists, and every moment of this show is perfect. I have fallen in love with Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock (and Benedict himself, but anyways) and I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes, crime stories, or even just good TV. It's brilliant and I cannot express my love for it in a mere paragraph, so moving on…

2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was an obvious choice of TV pass time for me, as I love Marvel and The Avengers and everything of that sort. I did not expect it to be as good as it was, and I did not expect it to get even better. The entire show, not just the characters, evolves and grows with every new episode. Not to mention the fact that lots of it ties together with other Marvel movies. The characters are wonderful and the stories get better and better, and the last episode I watched left me pondering everything I knew about the show for days. The ships in this show are just perfect and I cannot wait to see where this show will go next. I recommend this show for fans of Marvel, fans of more comic-style shows and movies and anyone wanting a good wind-down show that doesn't require the intellectual power that Sherlock does.

3. Doctor Who
There is so much I could say about this show and simply not enough time. I only got into this half-way
through last year, so I had lots of catching up to do… But my catching up has been very patchy… (oops). Anyways, the last Doctor, the 11th Doctor, was fabulous and so was the one before him, 10. I love their characters so much and I love the way they interact with their companions. Not to mention the fact that it's a fantastic show with brilliant stories! I am eagerly awaiting to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor; it was painful letting Matt Smith go but I think he'll do a good job. Anyways I recommend this to sci-fi fans and general all-round nerds, because this is a great show.

4. Nowhere Boys
Hang with me on this one and let me explain why it's fantastic. This was a show I found on abc iview here in Australia. It was a really fantastic show, but it was on the children's channel, and so it was immediately dismissed by people who didn't find it on the internet. This show was worth so more than people thought it was. It follows the story of four stereotypical boys who get paired together for a class excursion. They get lost, and when they finally return home, no one remembers them. There's demons and supernatural stuff and it’s just really great. Plus, there's four boys arguing and living together, it's the perfect opportunity for brotps! I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes supernatural-ish themes and teenage angst!

5. Resurrection
This show apparently didn't do as well in America even though it was an American show… but here in
Australia, I believe this show got something like two million viewers on the pilot. It was heavily advertised and did really well… And the idea really intrigued me so yes, I was one of those two million viewers. This show is about a boy who comes back from the dead, thirty-two years after his death, wearing the same clothes and looking exactly the same. This mystery gets more and more complicated as more people come back… and other forces come into play. It's a really good show and the season finale airs soon here, so I'm eagerly awaiting it! I recommend this to anyone who likes drama or mystery.

So there you have my top five tv shows that you should definitely check out! I love them all very much, but I'm always really ready to watch new shows, so comment your favourite show below!

I also plan to have a The Fault in Our Stars movie review up sometime soon, so watch out for that!

Have a lovely day,
lily xoxo

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