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The Dream Thieves Review

Hi! So this week I will be reviewing the second book in the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater called The Dream Thieves. If you haven't read the first book, The Raven Boys, I highly recommend it and you can find the link to my review (where there is a non-spoilery section) here.

If you have read The Raven Boys and you're wondering whether this book is worth reading, it most definitely is, and you should go get yourself a copy, read it, and then come back here to discuss!

Ok. So in this book, Ronan was probably the main character and focus, and I always liked Ronan, but throughout this book, I think my love for him has grown even stronger, and I feel connected to him. Sometimes, it was annoying to read from his point of view, because he's such a hard to read and distant character, but I feel like as the book progressed, his character grew and we got to see much more of him.

I think that because Ronan was the focus of this book, there just wasn't enough space to put in many Blue/Gansey moments, which I was kind of very looking forward to. There was that scene where they were on the mountain and they sort of admitted that they liked each other but they wouldn’t do anything about it because of Adam and such. Ah, Adam. Let's discuss that.

We always knew that there was going to have to be a moment between Adam and Blue where she told him that she didn't like him, but it was such a hard scene to read and be in the moment with because she said it so harshly. However, I don't think there was going to be a non-harsh way to say it. But when he was saying "prove it then, kiss me if I'm not your true love" and she was trying to get through to him that she didn't actually want to, I felt sorry for Adam, possibly for the first time in this book. For some reason, during this book, Adam felt more distant than before, more hard. I'm not sure whether it was Cabeswater or him realising that Blue didn't actually like him, but he was certainly different.

I'm really confused about the whole Adam/Cabeswater thing. Is he Cabeswater in human form? Is that why Cabeswater is missing, because Adam is Cabeswater and only he has the power to get it back? Is he controlling Cabeswater, or his he just a tool it's using to scope out everything else in Henrietta? It's all very confusing and I'm extremely eager to see everything connect maybe in the next book or two.

There were so many confusing new elements to the huge puzzle that this series is introduced in this book, so I'll go through them now. When Blue and Orla went diving for the things at the bottom of the lake, and they found a tyre off the same type of Camaro that Gansey owns, I thought that maybe when Ronan destroyed the Camaro, one of the tyres had ended up in there because of all the time warp-y things? Or that maybe future Gansey threw a tyre in there as a sign to past Gansey. But still, that remained mainly unsolved.

Ronan's father and the whole Graywarren dreaming thing. I'm still a little confused as to why Ronan's father died, why the Gray Man killed him. And Kavinsky, how has Kavinsky managed to achieve the dreaming thing as well? Is Kavinsky a dream creature? I feel like he might be, and I'm not sure who dreamed him and if that's even possible. I also doubt whether he's dead or not; the ending was a fuzzy mix of confusion for me.

The Gray Man. The Gray Man started out as this character, a hit man, someone we thought would be a bad guy, someone who we were super-wary of. And to be honest, I still am a bit suspicious of him, but I know that he loves Maura, it's quite clear. It was also nice to see him try to fit in to life in Henrietta, to start to appear more soft and warm to us as the audience. I think I want him and Maura to be together, but there's still the issue of Butternut, or Blue's dad. At first, I thought The Gray Man might've been Butternut, but then I remembered that he was frequently visiting a bunch of psychics who surely would've known. It's all very confusing.

I think Blue was, in this book, a much more open character. In the first book, she was very up tight and sensible, and it was nice in this book to see her being more accepting of truths about her and others that weren't necessarily things she wanted to accept, like the fact that she likes Gansey, like her admitting she doesn't like Adam, like her telling both Adam and Noah her secret, like hinting to Gansey that she likes him. She was a lot more there  if you know what I mean… it's hard to explain, I guess, but it felt like she was starting to get more comfortable with the boys, getting more comfortable with herself and things about herself.

I think in this book, we were really made known to the fact that this is a whole lot bigger than just Gansey wanting to find Glendower. It involves Blue, and all the psychics, it involves people like the Gray Man, and Mr Whelk from the last book.

As always with this series, I am left extremely confused but extremely intrigued, and I will definitely be buying and reading the next book as soon as it comes out.

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