Monday, 17 March 2014

Stargirl- Recommendation

Yes, yes I know I've been super-slow with posting and the intervals between posts are really irregular. I'm actually so sorry I've been super-busy; just hang in there and I will reward the loyal!

So today, my recommendation is one of my all-time favourites, a book called Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli. I first read it almost four years ago now, and loved it, and finally got my own copies two years ago for Christmas. I haven't seen them in any other book store since then.

Stargirl is a reality-based book about a girl who's different, a girl who wears florals and plays a ukulele on her first day of school, in the middle of the cafeteria. She's a girl who sees the world differently, who people don't know how to treat her.

And then there's Leo. Ordinary, quiet, reserved. And he's completely and utterly captivated by her.

Stargirl and Leo must figure out who they really want to be, and if the other can fir into their world. They must work through the people who stare, their little quirks, and they must try and fit into the world. Or so Leo thinks. Does Stargirl really want to fit in at all?

This is one of my favourites because it's timeless. I've read it countless times and every time it means something different to me. When I first read it, it was a cutesy tale that I really enjoyed. But every time I read it, I see in between the lines, the underlying themes of love and all the mistakes everyone makes in this book fit together and mean something I'll leave for you to figure out.

Stargirl is one of the best characters ever. She makes you feel free, makes you feel like you can do things you couldn't before. Makes you feel, however hopeless you are, that there is hope. And this definitely shines through in the sequel, Love, Stargirl, which I also recommend you read.

So please, please, please read it, come back and start up and conversation with me about whether you liked it or not and we can discuss :) I'm also willing to reread it again and post a review if that's what people would want. As always, if you leave a comment, add in your twitter name and I will follow or shout you out.

Have a lovely day!
lily xoxo

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