Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sisters Red- Recommendation

So this week I will be recommending a fantastic book that I read called Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce.

This book is about two sisters, Rosie and Scarlett, who think they have one heart, who have an unbreakable bond (or so it seems). But their past is violent and bloody, and their occupation is even worse. They hunt werewolves. When Scarlett's hunting partner, Silas, returns from a year away, emotions stir again, and Scarlett is oblivious to the chemistry between her partner and her little sister. The things they find will threaten to tear their bond apart.

Remember when I did that review of Beastly by Alex Flinn here?? Well, if you did read it, you will know that I love modern fairytale adaptations. I loved the idea of Beastly, but it just didn't hit the mark of what I was expecting. Sisters Red, however, cleaned things up and neatened off corners where Beastly did not.

The sisters have a wonderful relationship, co-dependency and all those perfect sibling character traits, and it is quite a beautiful thing to read, because it is clear that they would both die to save the other, without a question. And I think that even though the prose is quite casual and laid back, it adds to the feeling that the girls are really telling you everything in their narration.

All in all, it is a fabulous book with a fabulous story, and you should definitely pick it up. If you do read it or have already read it, tell me in the comments and I will write up a proper review that we can discuss the book on.

Also, I haven't told you the fairytale that this book is based on, so if you've guessed it (it's fairly obvious) then type your answer in the comments and there will be an internet prize for you!

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