Monday, 17 February 2014

These Broken Stars- Recommendation

Okay, I am totally aware it's been forever, but my last post couldn't go up because I was having major
technical issues... but here's the new recommendation! as always, leave a comment with your twitter name and I will shout you out and follow you :)

So this week's recommendation is a book I managed to read in one day, called These Broken Stars. A book that I thought would take me a few days, but it certainly did not. I sat down to read and just kept going until I was on the last chapter, and it was wonderful.

This story follows a socialite, Lilac, the daughter of the richest man in the galaxy, and a soldier, Tarver, a war hero following a rags-to-riches story. They are both on board Lilac's father's ship, the Icarus. Lilac and Tarver automatically feel a connection, but being around someone of Tarver's class would make Lilac's father displeased, so she rudely pushes him away. But then, through a horrible accident, Lilac and Tarver get thrown into the same pod and are completely alone on an abandoned planet. Or are they? As Lilac and Tarver figure out more about themselves, the planet and everything around them, they change and evolve as characters. If they do make it off the planet, they will be completely different people.

But don't be fooled by the starry, romantic fa├žade, because on this planet, dark things are happening, fiddling with their brains, making them think that they're going crazy...

The thing that struck me most in this book was the subtle but dramatic character building. Lilac and Tarver are completely transformed as characters during the course of this book, but you don't notice, because through the action and everything else, the changes are so subtle and discreet, but you can see them happening.

This book is perfect for people who love a good sci-fi romance, a love story with dark themes running through it. I recommend it to fans of The Host, I Am Number Four and books of that nature, even fans of movies such as Pacific Rim.

So if you're interested, head off and read it and if you want, leave a comment asking for me to publish my review of it on this very blog! Add in your twitter name and I'll shout you out and follow you :)

Have a great day!
lily xoxo

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