Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day and Night Book Questions

I found some cool questions on reading habits and such, and they're called the 'Day and Night Book Questions'. I'm going to answer them and I hope you enjoy them!

1. Do you read more in the morning or the night?
I mostly read in the night, before I go to bed. Because of having insomnia, reading helps me unwind before I attempt to sleep, so generally I read more in the night.

2. Are there any books that changed the way you thought about life?
Definitely! The one that jumps immediately to mind is the Fault in Our Stars, because it is so sad and there are people around the world in those types of situations in real life. Also Harry Potter, the series in its entirety, because that's when I realized what books and writing could do, and it changed the way I saw reading and I saw my writing.

3. YA (Young Adult) or Not?
I love YA a lot. Majority of the things I read are YA, but adult fiction is also good. There's no yes-or-no answer to this question, for me, because even though I love YA, I've read heaps of non-YA which I've loved (examples being Great Expectations and Sherlock books).

4. Are there any characters who you honestly believe to be real?
I wish... There are several who are on my list of bring-to-reality if I ever get three wishes. But no, I don't honestly believe that there are characters who are real... although, Sherlock Holmes is more likely to be real than any supernatural character...

5. Nobody touches my books or I lend them out?
It really depends who you are. I am always willing to lend out my books, because I love sharing the gift of reading and literature, but I have to trust you. And if you break or damage it, you're in big trouble. But I will never lend you my Harry Potter books, just saying.

6. Do you ever smell your books?
Well, the short answer is yes. But who doesn't love the smell of new, beautiful books and their clean, crisp, pretty pages? I don't sniff them regularly, though, just new books.

7. Not everyone loves books. Is this a positive or a negative?
It's neither. Of course, not everyone can love books, as not everyone can love peanut butter or love swimming. I would love to think that majority of people loved reading, because it is so good for your brain, your vocabulary and your imagination. Although, I do know that not everyone can like reading, so I don't expect them to.

8. I keep my books in the best condition... or maybe not?
I definitely try to keep them in great condition. I don't put them near dirty surfaces or read in the bath or when I'm eating. Of course, there will be the occasional rip or stain, but it means a lot to me to keep them in good condition.

9. Gosh I have too many books! True or false?
Surprisingly, I don't have that many, compared to many other book lovers. I am slowly building up my collection, though.

10. Have you ever spilled or stained your books with something, and if so, how?
I think everyone has at some point! The most drastic spillage on a book was when I was sitting on the couch and holding my copy of Allegiant in one hand and a chai latte in the other. My sister accidently bumped me, and latte went all over my book, and me! Of course, the book took priority, and I spent ages putting paper towels in between the wet pages.

11. Toned or untoned while reading? In other words, do you work out whilst reading?
I'm laughing at this question because my brain cannot comprehend how you would manage this! No, I do not work out whilst reading. Something to try, however!

So that is all of the questions! I hope you enjoyed it, please share in the comments your answers the the questions and your twitter/instagram name because I will shout you out! Stay tuned for another recommendation soon!
lily xoxo

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