Friday, 10 January 2014

Book Recommendations

So I've decided that in addition to my weekly post, I'll do a weekly book recommendation as well. This is not a review; you can read the post even if you haven't read the book. There will be no spoilers in these, just a rough overview, why I like it, and why you should read it.

So this week I have chosen two books, one that's not really a novel and one that is.

Shadowhunters and Downworlders
So this is not a novel. Just putting that out there. It is a collection of thirteen essays written about different characters, character traits, events, places and lots of other things in the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. The essays have been written by other famous and brilliant YA authors, some of my favourites including Michelle Hodkin (writer of the Mara Dyer trilogy), Kami Garcia (writer of the Beautiful Creatures series), Holly Black (writer of the Spiderwick Chronicles, a childhood favourite of mine), and more. The whole book and all the essays were edited by Cassandra Clare, the writer of the Mortal Instruments, meaning it isn't just fan essays, and that it's an author-approved book. Cassandra also writes an introduction at the start and an introduction to each essay.

This, for me, is a must for any Mortal Instruments fans who are thinking about writing similar stories to Cassandra Clare, or anyone who wants to learn more about writing techniques and behind-the-scenes of TMI.

However, these essays contain heaps of spoilers and I suggest if you are planning on reading it, and you haven't read all the Mortal Instruments books, you read the series first, because it won't make sense and you will spoil a great series for yourself. And plus, the TMI series is a great read, anyways.

Angelfall, by Susan Ee
So I finished this book last night... After starting it yesterday afternoon. This book is action-packed, dark, angsty, creepy and at the same time, hilarious and snarky. The banter in this book is so sassy and just perfect, I really really love it. It follows the story of a girl called Penryn, who lives in a post apocalyptic world where angels have taken over. She stumbles upon an angel fight in the streets, helps an injured angel, and as punishment, they take her little sister. Penryn is determined to find her sister and save her, and will do everything.

Don't be fooled by the pretty colours on the cover; it's very, very dark and full of crazy humans, evil angels and creepy themes. But there are no times where you think "Oh wait how did that happen? Plot hole!" in this book, or "I can't visualize this scene." Susan Ee's writing is fabulous, very vivid and real, sucking you into the story.

The characters are also really real, you feel like they could be real characters. And they are also the people you aspire to be (well, I do, anyways)- strong, snarky, realistic but not emotionless. They're also so much fun to read about.

So those are the two books I recommend this week. As per usual, leave a comment and your twitter name and I'll shout you out :). Also, I made a goodreads account, and here's the link for it- -follow me and let's be friends!

Have a lovely day!
lily xoxo

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