Monday, 27 January 2014

Vampire Academy- Recommendation

This weeks recommendation is the starting book in a series, called Vampire Academy. The first book is also called Vampire Academy.

This story follows two best friends with some weird connections who happen to attend a school for vampires. One is a dhampir, a half-human half-vampire warrior, bred to protect and fight for the moroi (we'll get to that soon); and one is a moroi, the lighter of the two vampires, and she happens to be the last in her family, the royal Dragomirs. That was all very, very confusing, but I think that it's a prime example of how wide-spread and huge the VA universe is. And there's no point where you're confused or left wondering what's going on, it's all brilliantly described and explained.

Of course, my terrible short-synopsis-ing skills could never do this story justice, so I'll leave you with the brief sum-up above. But I will delve into why I thought this book was great.

You know when you have a character who makes you feel like you could take on the world, stand in front of fifty bad guys and take them all on? That's what our main character, Rose Hathaway, does. She's a sassy, snarky, strong female protagonist who won't take rubbish from anyone. However she's also a hilarious narrator and a brilliant character all round, and so much fun to read about. In fact, all the characters are different and wonderful in their own ways, and I think characterising is one of the things I loved most about VA; that there were these characters who are nothing like me in culture and lifestyle but whom I relate to and feel for deeply.

I also think that the whole idea is fantastic, the whole premise still amazes and pleases me. A book about a school for vampires? A book about a school of vampires which isn't cheesy? A book about a school of vampires that isn't cheesy and still manages to be well written? It's fantastic and I still regard it as one of my favourite series.

Of course, fans of VA will know that the Vampire Academy movie is coming out on the 7th of February (yes they moved the date forward from Valentines Day). So, I highly suggest you run out and get your hands on a copy before the movie comes out!

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