Saturday, 18 January 2014

Here Lies Bridget- Recommendation

So for this week's recommendation, I have a sweet, didactic book called Here Lies Bridget. Bridget is the
unspoken queen of her school. The popular, pretty, and all-round mean girl. The one everyone loves.  Or do they? When a mysterious girl called Anna Judge arrives at her school, things start flipping around and Bridget finds things out that will change her life forever. Is she really admired? Is she even a good person?

This book had a good message and characters that were endearing even though they were very flawed. This book addresses issues in schools today, such as self-consciousness, standing up for yourself, looking out for others, the real meaning of friends and love and family and being kind in general.

It's not a long read, but it has such a good ending and good meaning, and fans of John Green, Lauren Oliver and Jerry Spinelli will love this.

That’s the recommendation for this week! Leave a comment with suggestions for recommendations and for reviews with your twitter name because I will shout you out.

Have a lovely day!
lily xoxo


  1. oooh I will have to give this a try! :)

    1. yay! i hope you like it! thanks for leaving a comment and following!