Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Favourite Books So Far

A quick collection of my favourite books I've ever read… No spoilers, just quick synopsises and explanations. Enjoy :)

  • Harry Potter series- as per usual, this series is still my most favourite book series ever. If you  haven't read Harry Potter, you are most definitely missing out on not only a fantastic story but thousands of references and a world-wide phenomena.

  • Mortal Instruments series- this falls in place behind Harry Potter purely because it is brilliant. This is a urban fantasy set in New York about a group of demon hunters called Shadowhunters. The story follows Clary Fray, a teenage girl who stumbles into the world of the Shadowhunters and realises she's more involved than she thought. It is a great series and I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. The first book is called 'City of Bones' and the series is by Cassandra Clare.

  • Infernal Devices series- being the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, written after the Mortal Instruments, you would assume that these books were just a lazy attempt for more money. Well, that might be a little harsh, but you get my drift. But no. I have a hard time deciding whether TID takes over TMI's glory. Similarly to TMI, TID focuses on a girl who falls into the world of the Shadowhunters. However, this series is set in nineteenth century England. I recommend you read this after TMI. The first book is 'Clockwork Angel' by Cassandra Clare. 

    • Coraline- this spooky book by the brilliant Neil Gaiman, a girl who loves adventuring finds a small door in the drawing room of her new house, and a whole world behind the door unfolds in creepy and scary glory. This is one of my al time favourites; not a hard read exactly but quite creepy. You may know it by the film directed by Tim Burton based on the book. One of my favourite movies as well. I recommend this to anyone who likes a little scare and a good adventure.

    • Divergent series- I read this series just over a year ago and the final book, Allegiant, just came out a few months ago. I literally sobbed. It's a dystopian series where the city is divided into 'factions' based on their personalities. It is an action-packed series with different characters and good morals behind the story. Once you finish, you can read my Allegiant Review and we can discuss! The first book is called Divergent by Veronica Roth.
    the ever-growing collection of books...

    • Once, Then, Now and After (four books)- this series is about a boy, Felix, living in Nazi Germany, and his struggle to keep himself and his friend/adopted sister Zelda safe. It is one of my childhood favourites, and is content suitable for ten years and up. The first two books focus on their journey whilst living in Germany, but then the third book, Now, skips to the future and we see Felix as a grandfather, and his modern life in Victoria, Australia with his granddaughter, named after his adopted sister, Zelda. In the fourth book, we once again travel back to Nazi Germany where Felix is thirteen years old, and we see the last snippet of his story. The first book is called 'Once' and the series is by Morris Gleitzman.

    • The Declaration series- I have only read the first book in this series (look forward to a review soon) but it was absolutely fantastic so I can only assume the others wifollow. I will update as I read them. It is another dystopian, but what makes this one different is the main character. I won't spoil her, but you must read this series, because I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the rest of the series to arrive in the mail! The first book is called 'The Declaration' and it's by Gemma Malley.

    The Fault in Our Stars book and quote
    • The Fault in Our Stars- I refer to John Green by two nick-names- King of YA and The Breaker of Hearts. When you combine the two, you get this wonderful book. This book is extremely highly acclaimed and it has reason to be. It is fantastically written, a great story, characters that you fall in love with, everything. This particular novel focuses on a girl, Hazel, and a boy, Augustus, who are both cancer patients and their battles with it. It is beautiful, it makes you laugh and cry and cry some more. I highly recommend it.

    So that's the best books I've read so far. Of course, there are more, so if you enjoyed this, just say in the comments below or tweet me at @awordisanarrow and I'll do another list. Also, if you've read or want to read any of the above books, say and I will write a review for them. And as always, any books you want me to read and review, any comments, questions or etc just leave them in the comments or tweet me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)
    I'm also having a lot of trouble using the blogger formatting system it just resists me... so if you have any tips, feel free to offer them up, but otherwise please forgive me if the formatting may be a little sloppy.
    Have a lovely day!

    lily xo

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