Monday, 2 December 2013

Character Profiles :)

Hey everyone!

Today I will share with you the character profile for my main character of my current manuscript!
I like to think she's quite a different character... so I hope you enjoy!

Name- Eleanor Autumn

Age- 16

Interests- poetry, fighting, shooting practise, training her Raid Team

Appearance- Elle is very pretty, apparently. She has dyed black hair, is tallish and is pale. She wears a lot of black and leather, and sometimes is dressed head to toe in tight black material. She of course looks fantastic in it, but as a result of this, stands out a bit. She says at points that her signature outfit is a black shirt, black skirt, purple headband and purple belt, with converse shoes. However, she does alternate between black tights/jeans and the skirt.

Personality- Elle can appear cocky, cold and extremely arrogant. Some also may see her as sociopathic, as she is extremely good at acting like she doesn’t care. She is extremely introverted, and hates most things. However, she is not sociopathic. She has been turned cold by the deaths of her family members, who she tried and was unable to save. She is broken inside and does very well to cover it up. She is taken aback when she has feelings of any sort, and particularly for Jai, because she’s so used to hate and pain. She hates eating in front of people.

I hope that was to your enjoyment! If there are any questions or comments on how I write character profiles or any tips you have found are helpful for writing character profiles, leave them in the comments below :)
Till next time little writers!
Lily xoxo

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