Monday, 30 December 2013

Best of 2013

Now I know this is a little different to things I normally do on here, but I thought in celebration of the New Year (which is in two days! where has this year gone?!) I'd do a "Best of 2013" post, which I guess is similar to the last post I did, but I thought I'd better do it now if I was going to do it.
So here it is, the best books, movies, and authors during 2013!

Best Books
For me, this year, I have discovered so many great books, but these two were my favourite-
The Fault in Our Stars
Published in early 2012, and written by King of Young Adult, John Green, this book was one of my favourites I've read all year. It follows the journey of two cancer patients and their love story. It is a fantastic book which has had lots of critic acclaim and I suggest you get on this train soon before it becomes a huge thing when the movie comes out next year. I think this is on it's way to being a modern classic.

Clockwork Princess- Infernal Devices 3
Published in March 2013, this was the stand-out book published this year for me. It is the conclusion to the wonderful Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, the writer of the Mortal Instruments series. I love this trilogy, which is set in nineteenth century England, and focuses on Shadowhunters, the secret community of half-angel half-human beings who live to fight demons and protect our world. At the moment it is being considered as a possible TV show, which I think would be pretty good if they could pull it off! So I suggest getting yourself a copy of Clockwork Angel, the first in the series, and reading them all.

Best Movies
A lot of book-movie adaptations came out this year, along with other movies that were really great, so here's my favourites.
Warm Bodies
This was a brilliant movie. Released in February 2013, and starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, this has to be one of my favourites. Based on the book with the same title, my friends and I affectionately call it a "zom-rom-com", a zombie romantic comedy. It is hilarious and beautiful, and most of all, full of zombies! Most characters are lovable, particularly R and Julie and their friends. It's set in a post-zombie apocalyptic world, where zombies roam around and humans are forced to lock themselves away. But one zombie falls in love, and turns everything upside-down. I suggest this to anyone who likes a good supernatural romance with a bit of comedy.

The Great Gatsby
Released in May 2013, this film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carrey Mulligan was of course, huge. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, however. I love the 20s; I love all the glamour and parties and everything about them, so I guess I should have known I'd like it. This movie, adapted from the classic with the same name, was fabulous. It follows the story of Jay Gatsby, a mysterious man with a mysterious past, who throws extravagant parties every weekend. Nick Carroway unknowingly moves in next door to Gatsby, and gets tangled up in his dreams and hopes. This was filmed brilliantly, acted brilliantly and the soundtrack was fantastic. I really, really liked it.

Best New Authors I've Discovered
There are a few authors who have written things I think deserve to be huge hits, because they are so good. Here are the authors who've written them.
Gemma Malley
Gemma Malley is the writer of The Declaration series. She is a beautiful writer; her words and characters jump out of the book and grab you, pulling you into the story. I admire her way with prose, and the way she writes things out, because it is so beautiful. She will turn something she needs to write that is very mundane into something to behold. But under all the beauty, there is extremely dark things happening, and the whole thing just engrosses you. Her world building is the best I've seen since Harry Potter; she creates a world so believable and scary that you start believing that this is the future. I seriously suggest you run to a book store or library and grab a copy of this book.

Melissa Keil
Melissa Keil is the author of a romantic comedy called Life in Outer Space, which I managed to get my hands on an uncorrected bound proof copy of. It's such a cute, happy book with realistic characters and brilliant storyline. It was released earlier this year, and it really reminded me of a John Green book (with less characters dying). It made me laugh and made me smile, and I really think it deserves to be up there with The Fault in Our Stars and other bestselling YA novels. Its story focuses on a boy called Sam, who is a self-proclaimed geek and in his eyes, in no need of girls. But then a quirky girl called Camilla enters the picture and messes up all his life plans of staying in his room playing World of Warcraft forever. Its so sweet and cute and really just an awesome book. I really recommend it.

So these are the Best of 2013. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, comment, tweet (to either @awordisanarrow or @lilypherondale) and share your opinions! Also, if you leave a comment, be sure to leave your twitter name there and I will follow/shout you out!
Anyways have a lovely, lovely New Year!
Lily xoxo


  1. It's funny because I read TFiOS right after i finished CP2 because i thought it'd make me fell better.
    I was wrong.
    I did a lot of crying that day.

    Also did you have a favourite book/TV series of 2013?

    1. I didn't make a tv shows of 2013 post, however I do have a post about my favourite tv shows which you can see here-