Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Allegiant Book Review

Divergent, 2014
Okay let me just start out and say I am still emotionally traumatized from the ending of this book so I'm sorry if I am writing a little weirdly I shall try not to. Also, I am still finding my style of writing book reviews, so feel free to give me constructive criticism and such.

Okay, so non-spoilery section.

This book, in my opinion, wasn't as good as the first two. It wasn't as fast-paced, it was a bit slow and political, the split narration made it confusing to work out who was narrating what and it was quite confusing at different points.

But anyways the Divergent Series is definitely worth a read, it's fast-paced, awesome and well written so go and read it and then come back and check out the review to compare it to what you think! Okay bye!


Okay. Time to start.

This book is really quite slow compared to the other books. In Divergent, every five pages something again hits you in the face and it never overloads you but it keeps you very interested. In this book, it is every maybe twenty pages that something that grabs you happens.

I think this is due to several things, one being the info dumping.
I felt like in this book we were getting new opinions on the Genetically Pure and Deficient every page and people were starting like eight revolutions at the one time and with all this fast-paced political madness, it really just doesn't grip you and you can get very confused very fast.

I think it is also due to the split narration, which despite how much I love Veronica Roth and her writing, was not executed well in this book.
Tris is quite a monotone, level character who narrates very much that way, which is all well and good when there are other characters who level out the story (examples; Uriah, Christina). But when we got Tobias' point of view, I was hoping for a very different thinking style to Tris, to solidify the thoughts I had of him in my mind.

I didn't get that.

I got chapters that were written just like Tris', and it was extremely hard to distinguish between the two. I also had so many problems with Tobias' character, but I'll bring those up later.

But enough complaining about info dumping and split narration, time to discuss the things that leave everyone emotionally traumatised. There are, from general consensus I have collected from around me, three main things that made people upset in this book.

1. The fights between Tris and Tobias.
Really, because Tobias didn't feel like Tobias in this book, those didn't kill me as much as they did others. Of course, I wanted them back together, but I wasn't dying over it. I felt like their relationship was desperately trying to squeeze itself into the plotline and it sort of failed until we reached the part where Tobias joined the revolutionaries and they got mad at one another, which really isn't the way I would have wanted that to pan out. I wasn't really focusing on Fourtris until the end where he was scattering her ashes where I was *quite* upset.

2. Tris' death.
This, now this I agree with you on. I had a feeling she was going to die due to spoilers from mean people, but I had already had my suspicions before the book even came out, except my mind was pushing them to the very back because it didn't want it to be true. It was so sad to see the girl who watched in the mirror as her mother cut her hair, wanting to see herself more often, the girl who jumped first, the girl who aced Dauntless initiation, the girl who shot Will, our Tris. Is dead now.

I think, however emotionally distraught I am, that if her character was going to die, it should have been for others. I think her character would've liked that. I think everyone was so worried about Tobias dying that we sort of pushed Tris aside, making her sort of immortal and unable to beat in our minds. Personally, I would have preferred if Tobias died; I would've been sad for Tris but other than that I'd be okay.

But this really took me by surprise and I kept hoping that she'd come back to life and she'd bounce back over the next few chapters, but no.

3. Tobias after Tris' death.
I think what I found the most taxing about this was that Tobias was literally taking what I was feeling and putting it into words. I felt like someone had sucked all the air out of me and then pushed me over, leaving me there in a puddle of feels. What really got e was that after she died, the chapters didn't have names on them because we knew it had to be Tobias narrating. She really was gone.

This leads me on to my major complaint. Tobias' character.

I love Tobias, I really do. But in this book, he changed and I think seeing into his mind really took away the ways we saw him in. His narration was boring, and I really wanted it to be more fun than Tris', but it really wasn't.

His reaction to finding out he was GD (genetically deficient for short term memory people) was not something I could see Tobias, my strong, fabulous Four, doing. I thought he was a lot more composed and calm than that. I mean, he is still the same person.

Also, when he went to see Nita and ignored Tris, and she ended up being right, I just couldn't see the previous Tobias doing that. This makes me wonder whether Roth made him make all these stupid decisions because she wanted to show how distraught he was when finding out he wasn't really Divergent. But I still felt like  it wasn't him.

I didn't like this book as much as I did Divergent and Insurgent, but it was still the end and it was an okay book, despite its flaws.

So leave a comment with your feelings and maybe just a rant on how sad you are now and I we can discuss our feelings on this emotional book in the comments :)

Bye and have a nice day!

Love Lily xoxo


  1. You should be proud...I finshed the series ( mini celebration that i actually read)- hahah ,but yeah I agree I was suprised how Tobias reacted :)

    1. thanks for commenting! i'm glad you agree; i'm happy im not the only one who thought tobias was really out of character in that book!