Friday, 22 November 2013

Writer Habits

Let's talk about something less serious and professional today. Let's talk about the silly little habits and fetishes writers and particularly me have adopted.

First- the software.
I always used to use pens and notebooks to write my stories with, so when it became impractical for me to write longer stories in notebooks and I got my own computer, it was a very upsetting thing for me to leave my beautiful jotting books behind. I was very sad and hesitant to write, that's how attached to these books I was. I eventually got over it and started using word on my laptop, which was fantastic. I still use word today to write my main manuscripts and books.

But as I started to want to write little snippets of story here and there, word was impractical. My friend uses one note to write and I saw that it worked for her, but I still refused to do it. After a while of having several confusing word documents, I gave in to one note and I still use it. In fact, I'm typing up this draft in it right now!

I find that I get so attached to the ways in which I write that I find it hard to move on.
I think as writers we are very happy with the way things work and personally, I really dislike change.

Second- the snack.
I find that when I'm writing, I am using so much brain energy that I need to refuel. So naturally, I head for snacks. These snacks are normally chocolate or sugary of some kind, which is all well and good every now and then, but when you write almost every day, this is not the best for your body.

I also find that when ever I do have a bag of lollies or some chocolate, I will eat as I write, and it has become this subconscious thing where I don't even have to think. This leads to many empty packets and bowls of snacks, because I go through them so fast.

Generally, you will find up to five empty packets, a bowl, several glasses and a mug on my desk at the one time. Ask people who enter my room, they are always complaining about how messy my desk is.

And it also leaves me feeling like No Face from  Spirited Away who just easts everything...

Third- the grumpy carebear.
When I'm writing, I find I can be in two moods- "Oh, I love writing, look at this character, they are just perfect, I'm so happy!" or "DON'T. BREATHE. NEAR. ME. THIS IS TOO HARD WHY IS THIS MY FUTURE PROFESSION?!?"

And when I'm in the second mood, I'm generally very grumpy. I snap and tell people to get out, and I also get a very bad headache. I am then in an eternally bad mood, and I just turn into an inferno of despair. Like Grumpy Carebear.
The Inferno of Despair, ie Grumpy Bear. (

Anyways, this makes the people around my quite grumpy too, and everything turns into a mush of grump.

So there you go, a few things I do consistently when I write. If you have any other funny habits you do as a writer or even as a reader leave a comment and I will maybe put up another either writer or reader funny habits post.
I hope you enjoyed this!

Lily xoxo

(also sidenote with the carebear thing its quite ironic seeing as though my friends are always telling me I smell like a carebear… anyways.)

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