Monday, 11 November 2013

The History of Writing and Reading- Lily Version

so the joys of reading and writing for me started when I literally got out of the hospital I was born in. from the moment I got home, my mum was reading different picture books and stories to me. of course, I don't remember them, but honestly, that is where it started. and from the earliest age I can remember, I was making up stories. I have this weird memory of when I was two, looking up to the roof of my pram, and telling myself stories about princesses and dragons and fairies. I think this is where my love for fantasy and all things mystical started. I guess I liked the idea of being special, being fantastical.

when I was three, I started vocalizing the stories I wrote in my head, and because I couldn't yet write, my mum wrote down my story and I drew pictures for it. I think it was called "the fairy princess", and it was about a fairy called Rapunzel (original, I know) who, during "fairy flying lessons" got stuck on the roof.

all through my childhood I read, and during year four, I first experienced books on an extremely personal level, characters replacing friends who weren't very nice to me. at this point, Enid Blyton was my role-model.
I'd always wanted to be an author, and I was always writing stories. but during year seven, when I got very sick and was very friendless, was my first experience with real, proper, determination to write.

I got very sick at the start of year seven and starting high school left me with no friends. I decided to read Harry Potter, and I fell in love. during the day, I would read, and during the night, Ginny, Hermione and I would skip the halls of Hogwarts, and I felt I had found real friends. (don't worry, I have real friends now, I promise. hi, friends!)

Harry Potter was the way I shook off the real world and easily slipped into a world of love, friendship and magic. Harry Potter had rekindled my love of reading and writing, and I decided I wanted to write and started my first manuscript, basically a Harry Potter rip off.

after that, when I was better and had more friends, I started writing a manuscript that was even better, thanks to help from some of my good editing and literary friends (you know who you are ;)).
now I'm writing my sixth proper manuscript (which I'm hoping to show you some of), my fifth fanfiction, my fourth short story and I'm reading more than ever.

I am in love with YA and Dickens classics and I'm always ready to read things for others :)
I am still determined to write and I can't wait to see where this whole dream will take me!
so there you have it, a very brief overview of my journey through reading and writing.

lily xoxo

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