Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Snippet From My Untitled Novel

So you, my friend, are very lucky. You get to read a snippet of my book that no one has read yet! Not even my editors, just me. This scene takes place at an announcement by the over-ruling dystopian company, Fleeting, where the leader, Fletcher, announces that her daughter is a traitor, and part of the Rebel scheme that the main character is in. Jai, who is mentioned in the snippet, is her brother and Fletcher's son. That's just a quick overview but hopefully as I can show you more of it, you'll understand better. Anyways, here's the snippet!

“I looked at him. Shadows danced in his eyes, glistening with tears and pain. I remembered that this was his sister. The sister he talked about so fondly, the sister who’d been his only real mother-like figure, the sister who’d cared for him when no one else had.

I wanted to get up. I wanted to stop her so badly. But Jai was holding me down so hard, I dared not move. He knew we couldn’t move. I did too. And it was causing us both immense pain.

I won’t let her die.

Fletcher raised her gun.

She will not die.

Fletcher loaded her gun.

I will not let my best friend die.

Fletcher aimed her gun.

I must save her.

Fletcher fired her gun.

I didn’t save her.”

hope you enjoyed the snippet!

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